Bart Dumont, 05/08/1988

Hi, I'm Bart. I have Autism. Diagnosed in 2019. I fell out of the boat for longtime due to the Autism. Next to photography I like the Bible , hiking/camping and vegetable gardening.  If you like to talk about the things I like you can always mail to I do not sell or offer any services,unless for free sometimes. 

As photographer I paint with light. I always love it to see the planet waking or going to sleep. For me the day starts and end with the light. Since my long trip to Scoltand, this kinda became my new ideology. When camping I was dependant on the light because I do not make a bonfire...  I liked this rythem and I still keep it more the less. I sleep much more in winter then in summer. This natural rythem seems to be really good for me, I do not fit well in the industrialsed 'forced' world. Waking up before sunrise is the most fun and then witness my favorite moment, the rising of the sun. Then you see the dark beeing pushed away. Darkness can only be present if the Light is absent, but as soon as there is a bit of Light, Darkness is defeated.  

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