! Quite the problem, it could be that many people see my images too bright, because I work on a monitor with 100cd max and web cd should be 120 min ! As I sometimes post process my shots on the edge of overdone, this can result in blown out pieces on some monitors ! After some tests of multiple screens it has become clear, calibration doesn't solve it... !


I currently do not give workshops in the field yet, but I am still working on some nice area's in Belgium and France to give workshops in the future. Scotland was a very nice area with plenty of things to photograph, but the weather is just to hard and unrealiable to do a workshop there... as you can be in the rain for a whole week what makes it not much fun...


Bart Dumont , 05-08-1988, Bruges - Belgium

Landscape & Nature photographer based in Bruges

I'm a mix of schooled and self-taught experiences

Everyday I can be outisde is a good day. I like vegetable gardening, hiking, walking and bicycling

Wilderniss area's are my favorite and I love to camp in them

Skateboarding is still one of my favorite activities, since age 12. But now a days I use longboard wheels on a skate deck with skate trunks, so I ride softer and smooth but I can still ollie and do tricks ! It was during snowboardtrips that I first saw mountains in real life and since then I fell in love with mountain wilderniss, but have not been snowboarding anymore, as I spend my time on photography and in Bruges I cruise around on my longskate, what replaces the snowboarding (i do really like boarding )