Nordisk Telemark LW 1 Review

November 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

As I'm getting more serious with landscape photography, my trips start to become longer. So I wanted some more comfort in my tent. The Sea to Summit Solo Specialist was a nice tent to go crash on top of a mountain, but for longer camping it's not such a nice tent. Because it's so small and the moist problem because of the single wall. Nothing against that tent though, its a super lightweight bivak tent that serves it's purpose.


So I was looking for a bigger tent, one that you can sit inside in for a while if it's very bad weather, a tent that you can use for stealth camping, not super heavy, double walled to have less moist, preferably extra ventilation to get even less moist, strong watercolumn waterproofness, durable tent fabrics, free standing, fast to pitch.

A couple of nice options:



I chose the nordisk telemark. They have this one in a slightly lighter carbon version aswell. 


This tent went with me to the Scottish Highlands, so it was good first test considering weather.  The tent did not crash, I did not get wet. If you pitch this tent propperly and use the extra anchor points, it is very sturdy. You hardly hear and wind wisseling noise. (I say this because there is a dude that put a video online where the tent pole breaks, I can assure you, that dude doesn't know how to propperly pitch a tent, this tent can withstand a very strong storm. )


Great features about this tent:

* It weighs 830 grams (almost 400 grams heavier then the sea to summit solo) but this is still under the 1kg, so it's lightweight

* Double walled tent. This means less chance on moisture.

* Extra ventilation. This means basically no moisture.

* Possibility to use a little foretent roof shelter option.

* You can also just use the outdoor sail of the tent as a standalone tarp.

* The tent is freestanding. You can put it up with rocks.

* The tent fabrics are durable.


* As always , buy the footprint aswell, it weighs another 120 grams, but protecs the tent floor and boosts the waterproofness to 101%. (total tent weight is now around 1kg).

* Treat your tent seams with seam sealer, to make it 101% waterproof.

* If you pitch it propperly, use the extra guy ropes, it can withstand a powerfull storm and you hear almost no nasty wind wisseling sounds because of lose tent sail. 

* It's color is green, so it blends in with nature very well.

* It pitches easy and fast.

* You can chose how big you want the inner chamber seperatly from the vestibule, very usefull !  

* Vestibule is big enough for a big 80L backpack (F stop shinn, biggest bag in town) + boots + tripod.



==> For me it was monney well spend, great new tent that satisfied my demands. For a one night crash on a mountain, I will still take my Sea to Summit though, just for the weight difference, I can also take the tarp sail from this tent, you can pitch it like the tent, so you dont need to look for tree's to hang it.




i just trew my tent here, didnt really spend much time on pitching it... so it was a bit flappy. I was to tired to do alot that evening . Spend some time in propperly pitching it. You can see how the tension on the tent keeps the sail very thight. Not much wind wisseling / flappy sounds. At times the wind was very strong (scottisch highlands).



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