Bart Dumont

Born 05-08-1988, but a couple of weeks too early. I'm a nature photographer from Sint-Kruis, Belgium. Most of the times I'm found in the woods or at the coast. When I have the chance I go to area's that interest me more then my home landscape, to be in more wilderniss or untouched nature area's. 

I have no social media, only  email with friends, if you want to contact me to talk about photography or hiking: I do not sell or have photographic services.   Lot's of older work is not on the site, I like to keep my portfolio small and fresh, the past is the past and that is gone :) 

2018: two honorable mentions in Chromatic Awards, Professionals. 

2018: three shortlists in Outdoor Photographer of the Year.

2017: two shortlists in Outdoor Photographer of the Year.

2016: one shortlist in Outdoor Photographer of the Year.


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