Lochs, Munro's, Clouds, Rain & Rainbows, welcome to the Scottish Highlands. A paradise for outdoor people due to the Scottish Outdoor code.<br />
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scotland 2022

-backpack: 1700 gr / fstop ajna 40 l

_shelter :  1300 gr  / nordisk telemark 1 lw tent +groundsail + extra pikes and windrope

_sleeppad: 610 gr, R6.9 / thermarest neoair xtherm max 

_sleepbag: 350 gr, 9°C  a 5°C / sea to summit spark 1 (summer sleepbag )

_sleepbag: 665 gr, -2°C a -8 °C / sea to summit spark 3 (mountain sleepbag)

=> total of 'the big 3' = 1300+610+665= 2575 gr. 

_rainjacket: 180 gr / Montane minimus , 

, 25,000 breathability  and a 20,000mm waterresistance 

_rainpants: 260 gr, / Mac in a sac full zipper , 

8000 breathability and 10 000 mm waterresistance

_backpack cover : 150 g / Sea to summit nano sil tarp poncho

_bodywarmer: 245 / Patagonia

_Camera:   1440 gr / Nikon z6 + z lens 24-200mm , fstop mini icu

_tripod: 1615 gr / Gitzo mountaineer

_Power:  450gr/  Xtorm  Solar Charger 20W   10000 mAh powerbank

_navigation:   / iphone and pocketearth pro with custom made tracks from google earth pro

_fire stove + pot + bowl + 20x zips + lighter + two tealight candles = 670 gr


F Stop Ajna is a big 40L bag, where you can put things in the side and at the bottom or backside strapped on the pack.  It's a very strong pack with internal harnass to help carry the weight. with all my super compressible gear i dont need a 60 L pack no more 

The tent is green stealthy, lightweight but strong. Double walls prevent moisture and two extra vent holes on the bottom are great against condensation aswell.  Its very sturdy and fast to set up. You can also just use the top sail as  a tarp and keep the inner mesh in your pack.  1300 gr is heavey, but it includes a 325 gram grondsail, that prevents holes in the bottom of your  500 euro tent, there are lighter tents, but this tent withouth extra pikes weighs  850 grams, what is very lightweight, my sea to summit solo tent weighs less around 500grams, but that is a small tent where u cant put a big pack inside and is single walled bivy style wich means moisture inside when u wake up... nordisk telemark is comfortable 

My tent is the heaviest of my gear, to have a balance between comfort and weight, though i add  the extra ground sail to the weight, keep that in mind. If you do not mind busting holes in the floor of your 500 euro tent, don't use the groundsail or be very carefull.                        

Sleeppad is simply one of the lightest and warmest.

This rainjacket is super pro. 

Sleepbag one is a summer bag. Sleepbag two is for the mountains. I can combine the two if id go to the mountains in the winter. The spark one is as lightweight as a thermo liner, but provides more heat.  

The tarp poncho, i use it as a backpack cover, unlike a normal cover it protects the entire pack and not just the outer side, it can also be used a tarp or summer raincoat. Its very nice to wear, breathable and super waterproof.

The Nikon Z6 is a great lightweight camera with great dynamic range. The kitlens and the travel lens are both great. The kitlens 24-70 is a bit sharper then the all round, what is logical. The allround 24-200mm lens, is just so amazing to use in the field: one lens to do it all, have nice smooth fast controll over your framings and MM you use.  Although I usually use the 24-70 range most of the times, getting those extra close zooms can be so nice. I'll think about it hard with lens ill take, because ill only take one lens with me.  The small Z6 and the kitlens or travelens on it, fit just inside the F stop mini ICU, what is great for packsize compression in your backpack. 

You will see in my movie, my backpack is very minimalist and well structured due to the use of compressible drysacks.  I went from using the  F stop Shivv, 80 L monster bag, to the small yet sturdy Ajna 40 L , what fits my small body  better 

Pocket earth pro combined with google earth kmz files is amazing for planning hikes and going offtrack.  a good old map for when all digital things fail is still a good idea... but to be honest, scotland is not that big, if you walk a couple of days, you'll certainly pass by some kind of civilsation, unless your going in circles :D 

The entire fire stove packet can be left aside, if you solely take cold foods with you, but for a long hike, its nice to have fire and cooking gear with you...  

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