• silent is the night 2020
  • In this forest there is lots of nightlife. Bats, Owls, foxes and mushrooms that never sleep keep this place alive after sunrise.

Received Honourable Mention in Chromatic Awards 2019, Professionals, Nature.

Received Honourable Mention in IPA's 2020  Professionals, Macro.
  • Silent is the Night
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  • silent is the night 2019
  • Silent is the Night 2018
  • Shortlist OPOTY 2017
  • Silent is the Night 2017
  • Silent is the night
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  • Bright Elegance
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  • The Righteouss will be with God for ever on this planet that will be renewed, what is for us, eternal happyness. The wicked will be destroyed by God, because they would not want to live for ever in  a world where there is no Sin. But due to their own ego, they condemn their soul, their ego does not want to be with God, but every human Soul does want to be with God... so the wicked doom theirselves for beeing arrogant, ignorant and ego'istic, they choose their own ego above the creator, the same choice Lucifer, the annointed Cherub who fell from Heaven, made.  Lucifer, whom is now called the Satan, originally was, as I understand it, the right Hand of God. The Satan is much smarter then we are, he is a (fallen) Archangel. Humans were made in the Image of God AND the Archangels (Micheal & Lucifer ) Do you get it, above as below, ying yang, the baphomet, all of the dualistic occult symbolism, they know the truth. The truth about reality and this world, that there are only two sides : there is the side of Michael and the side of Lucifer. There is the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. There is the physical world and the spiritual world. All ancient civilisations knew this, mostly misued it though and got manipulated by demons withouth knowing it, thinking they are following good Godly advice. There are many groups of people who still know this ancient knowledge that demons, angels, fallen angels, nephilim, God the Aplha & Omega ,Michael the Commander of the Heavenly troops and the Satan are all very real entities. The occultists believe what they believed in Babel, that they will be able to beat God.  By the way, Lucifer was able to convince 1/3 of the Angels in Heaven to join his rebellion against God. So you can be sure about it that the Satan will be able to convince alot more humans to join his rebellion...         The occultists say the battle between Micheal and Lucifer is undeicided yet. But Gods Word says different. Yashua the Christ has beaten the Satan already, right here on earth, when He rose from the grave.  The Satan knows this, his high ranked fallen angels who are locked up on the planet Saturn know this and all the demons that are in the Abyss know it too. They all know they lost , but they know that the humans don't know this very well and they try to drag as many humans down with them as they can. This is the truth, the devil and his angels and demons are out for your soul and you have nothing to gain from this, there is no party in hell with all sinners, when you get dragged down with the satan, you doom your soul to be separated from your creator , for ever. Your own mind and ego fuck your Soul for ever if you chose to join Lucifers rebellion against the Most High.  this message is not to point fingers to who is bad and who is good, Romans says it nice and clear : 'not one is just', all humans are the same, all is subjected to one kind of sin one way or another. Humans are not in a position to judge, our only position is to take care, love and repent. For all the new age people, true love, meants repent, foregiveness and kindness, something this world does not know what it is not sex, love is not lust, lust is beastly instinct for reproduction of species...  Love is trust, loyalty, foregiveness, endurance, kindness, accepance, truth.  This false roman church even teaches you can just break your marriage and start a new one, fake love, fake church, fake people? 


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